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Research on the Information Collection System of Bohai Sea Granary Based on Android

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DOI: 10.23977/meet.2019.93733


Wei Han, Pingzeng Liu, Cui Ningning, Lin Xu, and Xianglong Wang

Corresponding Author

Pingzeng Liu


It is an important demand for the Bohai Science and Technology Demonstration Project to quickly and accurately obtain real-time and dynamic data of crops and their growing environment, and achieve fast, accurate, multi-dimensional and multi-scale real-time monitoring. In order to solve this problem, a research method of information acquisition system based on Android platform is proposed. The system is based on the C/S architecture, which enables users to quickly obtain the growth environmental parameters of crops on the mobile platform. The article introduced the overall framework design of the system, the main functions of the system (real-time data query, pest and disease monitoring and early warning, historical data mining analysis, and service reminding) and the implementation principle of each function module. The specific implementation of the system client and server were performed respectively. Detailed explanation. The system has been practically applied in the Bohai Science and Technology Demonstration Project to implement data query display, data mining analysis, service reminding, and monitoring and alerting on the mobile phone's Android. It has achieved good results and fully reflects the convenience of the Android mobile platform.


Android, Information Collection, Bohai Sea Granaries

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