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Intrinsic Connectivity of Hippocampal Subregions of the epileptic patients using T1-w and T2-w MRI

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DOI: 10.23977/meet.2019.93735


Tongpeng Chu, Chunlan Yang, Min Lu, Wenxiao Wu, and Shuicai Wu

Corresponding Author

Chunlan Yang


Hippocampus is heterogeneous and can be divided into subregions with different functions, but the connectivity specificities of the hippocampal subregional structural networks are poorly known. Hence, in this study, we investigated the connectivity of hippocampal subregions at the network level. Then, we analyzed the changes of network attribute between normal group and epileptic group. The results indicate that compared with the normal group, the nodes of the epileptic group were reorganized, and the hippocampal subregional network tended to be modularized. In addition, the correlation matrix and p-value matrix after correction by FDR between the two groups also showed significant differences. The connection matrix of epileptic group shows a tendency of modularization. This is consistent with the results of BC. These findings provide more comprehensive insights for future research into the epilepsy.


Epilepsy, Hippocampal Subregional Structural Networks, Small-World Attributes, Graph Theory

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