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Design of Coordinated Control System for Loop Traffic in Vehicle-Road Cooperative Environment

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DOI: 10.23977/meet.2019.93743


Zhiyan Jia, Yong Ding

Corresponding Author

Yong Ding


The loop traffic congestion is often caused by excessive concentration of traffic flow due to the centripetal effect of the loop. Aiming at solving the problem of loop traffic congestion, this paper, is devoted to a loop traffic coordinated control system based on the vehicle-road cooperative environment. The design of the system mainly includes two main steps: the calculation of the guided speed and the adjustment of the dynamic signal timing parameters. Besides, on the Visual Studio 2010 platform, a simulation test is performed by virtue of the Visual Basic 2010 language and the VISSIM 4.3 COM interface. The result of the simulation shows that the coordinated control system of loop traffic based on the vehicle-road cooperative environment is better than the point control and the traditional green wave control in average delay, the average queue length and the average number of parking times and other indicators.


Vehicle-Road Cooperative, Loop Traffic, Coordinated Control System, Simulation

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