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Design of Air Quality Monitoring System Based on Wireless Sensor

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DOI: 10.23977/meet.2019.93745


Yamei Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yamei Zhang


In recent years, China's economy has developed at a high speed, and the resulting air pollution has become more and more serious. The human health problems caused by this are worrying. To this end, the air quality monitoring system of wireless sensors is designed to realize the functions of networking, air pollution data collection and transmission, and user terminal display. The monitoring part adopts the wireless sensor network, and the monitoring center adopts the C# programming language design in the VB environment. The monitoring software is based on the Web network technology, and the corresponding density value collected by the relevant sensor nodes can be queried by opening the corresponding webpage through the browser; The data collected by the node is stored and exported, and the node data is exported and printed according to requirements. It has the advantages of real-time, low power consumption and low cost, and has certain practical value in air pollution monitoring.


Air Quality, Monitoring, Sensor Network, Zigbee

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