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Based on ArcEngine Technology to Achieve the Same Type of Disconnection Elements and Carry out Preliminary Merger

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DOI: 10.23977/meet.2019.93753


Yiyuan Deng, Chengxu Kang, Youping Tian, Xingyu Chen

Corresponding Author

Yiyuan Deng


After the wire-loaded data in AutoCAD is converted into GIS line data, there is a wire break problem, which brings a lot of trouble to the processing and application of the data later. This paper takes AutoCAD road data into shapefile line data as an example. According to the geometric judgment, the road breaks are merged, and the whole technical process is realized based on ArcEngine and C# programming language. At the same time, the technology is applied in the form of plug-ins in ArcGIS. The problem of disconnection is solved to the utmost extent.


Arcengine, Disconnection Elements, Preliminary Merger

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