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Research on Intelligent Acquisition of Shared Data Based on Government Information Resource Directory

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DOI: 10.23977/meet.2019.93755


Jingwen Li, Shaofu Lin, Xiaofeng Jia, and Song Gao

Corresponding Author

Xiaofeng Jia


At present, the state continues to pay attention to the integration, convergence, opening and sharing of government information resources, and the Internet + government has made rapid progress. However, the government data sharing and opening is not thorough, government information exchange mechanism is not smooth, and there are still information islands between departments. The key issue is that government information resource directory and data sharing application are still “two layers of leather”, which restricts the sharing of government information resource. Aiming at these problems, this paper carries out research on intelligent acquisition of shared data based on government information resource directory. Combining five application scenarios, on the basis of solving the problem of disjointing between directory and shared data, this paper further studies the intelligent acquisition of shared data, so as to realize seamless connection between directory and data, and realize efficient, automatic, and intelligent data acquisition.


Government Information Resource Directory, Data Sharing, Intelligent Acquisition

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