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Aerodynamic Measurements: Normative Data of Voiced Consonant for Children Ages 15-17 Years

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DOI: 10.23977/meet.2019.93756


Jing Wang, Yonghong Li

Corresponding Author

Yonghong Li


In this paper, three 15-17 year olds were selected as subjects to study the various parameters of airflow and pressure during the obstruction and deblocking stages of the voiced consonants in this age group. The main collection of the voiced consonant into the obstruction and deblocking section of the resistance period, peak pressure, peak airflow, air flow four parameters for comparison. The results show that the duration, peak gas flow and peak pressure of the obstruction section or the deblocking section [ʐ] are larger than [m], [n], [l].The nasal sounds [m], [n] and the side sounds [l] have little difference in the pronunciation duration, peak pressure, peak airflow, and airflow in the obstruction and deblocking sections.


Voiced Consonant, Speech Aerodynamics, Adolescent

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