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Research on RGV Optimal Dynamic Scheduling Scheme Based on Heuristic Algorith

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DOI: 10.23977/meet.2019.93766


Zhang Xin, Zhang Jinsong, Wang Junlin, Liu Yuqiang, Zhang Guolei, Liu Jiayu

Corresponding Author

Zhang Xin


With the development of industrial production, the work efficiency of improving the operation process has beco-me the focus of people's attention. In terms of the current probl-em, this paper focuses on the optimal dynamic scheduling scheme of RGV (Rail-Guided Vehicle) to achieve maximize production b-enefits and save hum-an resources. In this paper, the number of processes is classified and discussed. In one process, the ant colo-ny algorithm is used to find the optimal path for each step, and t-he material situation of CNC machined by RGV is simulated. T-he relation-ship between RGV processing and optimal scheduling of loading and unloading was studied. In the two processes, this paper uses the heuristic algorithm-genetic algorithm in biogene-tics to construct a new model, and then combines the roulette al-gorithm to select different allocation strategies to get the best sc-heduling scheme. Finally, we use eM-Plant 13.0 software to carry out simulation test to verify the practicability and effectiveness of the model, and to determine the optimal dynamic scheduling pro-blem of RGV to improve the production efficiency of the factory.


Local Optimality To Achieve Global Optimal, Roulette Algorithm, Heuristic Algorithm, Genetic Algorithm

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