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Research on Near-End Crosstalk and Far-End Crosstalk of High Speed Digital Circuit

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DOI: 10.23977/meet.2019.93777


Shengjie Wang, Juanjuan Gu, Guohua Hu, Changjun Zha, Jinyao Gui

Corresponding Author

Shengjie Wang


Digital signals can be viewed as high speed digital signal when the transmission distance within the rise time of signal is in comparison with the length of interconnection line. The signal integrity will occur when the high speed digital signal is transmitting in the interconnection line. In this paper, with the aid of ADS(Advance Designer System) software, the research on near-end crosstalk and the far-end cross talk problem in high speed digital circuit is presented which has guiding significance for the design of high speed digital circuits.


High Speed Digital Signal, Signal Integrity, Near-End Cross Talk, Far-End Cross Talk, Ads

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