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Research on the application of change detection technology based on multisource remote sensing images in the dynamic change of land use

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DOI: 10.23977/iccsc.2017.1007


Xiang Zhang, Maofa Wang

Corresponding Author

Xiang Zhang


When the earthquake occurs, the damage near the active fault zone will be particularly serious. So it is necessary to find out the exact direction and width of the main active fault zone, and the change of land surface use. Several key areas were selected from Xiadian active fault zone, and the remote sensing data for several consecutive years in these key areas were analyzed. By using the change detection model of remote sensing images on active fault zone, the changes of various land factors in these key areas were clarified, to provide an important basis for ensuring the safety of people's lives and property and carrying out urban land planning in a scientific way.


Remote sensing image, False color images, Change detection technology, Land use change.

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