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The Image of a Competitive Country Among Russian and Chinese Students

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DOI: 10.23977/icpem.2019.015


Olga S. Deyneka, Kristina V. Rozhdestvenskaia

Corresponding Author

Olga S. Deyneka


This study aims to examine the similarities and differences in the image of a competitive country among students from Russia and China. Semi-projective techniques were used for this purpose. The semantic differential technique has allowed detecting some of the mental differences in views on the competitive country. The results of the study showed that the Chinese image of a competitive country was more harmonious and holistic. Russian students revealed a contradiction between the images of a competitive and good country. According to students of both groups, the main factors that can improve the competitiveness of the country are financial well-being, national health and social stability.


Competitiveness, image of country, semi-projective methods psychosemantics, students, Russia, China

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