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Research on Optimization Simulation of Information Transmission Performance in Complex Service Supply Chain--Taking a Complex Agent Project as an Example

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DOI: 10.23977/icpem.2019.049


Leiting Sun, Chunfa Li, Lijun Wang

Corresponding Author

Leiting Sun


Complex service supply chain usually has a large amount of information stagnation, which is due to the complex information structure. This has greatly increased the pressure on the core departments of the service supply chain. Information transmission performance affects the operation effect of service supply chain and directly restricts the realization of service supply chain objectives. Taking a complex agent construction project as an example, a simulation model of information transmission in complex service supply chain is established, and the law of information transmission in complex supply chain is discussed. Through case simulation analysis, it is found that there are a series of factors affecting the performance of information transmission in complex service supply chain. Among them, information acceptance rate and information stock adjustment time are sensitive parameters of information transmission performance. The research results provide a method to optimize the performance of information transmission in complex service supply chain by adjusting parameters reasonably according to different projects in practice. This method can control the pressure of information retention in complex service supply chain beforehand, adjust the information management strategy in time, and form a good mechanism of information pre-processing.


Complex service supply chain, information transmission performance, optimization simulation

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