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Sociological Analysis of the Use of Evaluation Technologies in Russian Universities

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DOI: 10.23977/icpem.2019.079


V.V. Moiseev, V.V. Shkilev, N.S. Danakin, S.N. Pitka

Corresponding Author

V.V. Moiseev


Applying rating technology has become widespread in Russian higher educational institutions. During this process, both achievements and outstanding problems, organizational and methodological difficulties become apparent. In the presented article it gets a goal to determine the application effectiveness of highly rated technologies in Russian universities. Achieving this goal foresees solving a number of research problems that are joined into four social aggregates: cognitive tasks (determining the level of rating awareness of participants in the educational process); emotive tasks (evaluation of emotional reactions caused by ranking scores); socio-psychological tasks, (determining the nature and direction of changes in social relationships); motivational tasks (assessment of the motivation level of participants in the educational process). Research methods: sociological survey of professors and students, system modeling of empirical measures and indicators, a comparative analysis of effective application of highly rated technologies in specific Russian universities. The object of sociological research is application of highly rated technologies in a research university (National Research University of Belgorod), a technological university (Technical University of Belgorod), and institute of management (RU Moscow). On the basis of the research, we can make a conclusion about the lack of practice effectiveness of highly rated technologies in examined universities (a low level of rating awareness, the absence of noticeable positive changes in the motivation and relationships of participants in the educational process) and comparative advantages and disadvantages of the application of highly rated technologies.


Rating system and rating technology, higher education institute, professors, students, motivation

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