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Research on the Linguistic Characteristics of Churchill's Speech from the Perspective of Rhetoric--Take "Churchill Harrow Public Speech" as an Example

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DOI: 10.23977/icpem.2019.083


Chengsheng Yao, Xi Chen

Corresponding Author

Chengsheng Yao


Speech, as a special form of language output, has a unique aspect in the use of its language characteristics. Especially because of its propaganda and preaching purposes, the speaker must follow the language characteristics of speech in the use of language, in order to achieve good results. The use of rhetoric is an indispensable part of speech language characteristics. Its proper use can make the speaker's speech more convincing and appealing, and make the speech more effective with half the effort. Through the analysis of Churchill's classic speech at Harrow Public School during World War II, this paper explains the charm of Churchill's speech from the perspective of rhetoric, and provides some references for speechmakers on how to better use rhetoric methods in their speeches.


Rhetoric, Churchill's speech, repetition, antonymy, metaphor

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