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Carsharing Market Analysis and the Substantiation of Its Efficiency

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DOI: 10.23977/icpem.2019.087


V.V. Velikorossov, S.A. Filin, A.ZH. Yakushev, D.K. Balakhanova, O.G. Rakauskiyene2

Corresponding Author

V.V. Velikorossov


The article analyzes the markets of car sharing services and taxis in the PRC, Japan and India. The problems of the development of these markets in China, Japan, India are revealed. The efficiency of using car sharing services in comparison with personal vehicles has been substantiated. Within this rationale, mathematical models for calculating the efficiency of carsharing services are presented, including taking into account the synergistic effect of the interaction of factors determining the effectiveness of these services. Recommendations for the development of car sharing services and areas for further research in this area are offered. The conclusion is drawn that Russians do not hurry to leave the yet the car therefore the karsheringovy companies in Russia will have some difficulties with the development in the near future.


Market of services of car-sharing, efficiency, car, rent, taxi

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