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Research on the Questioning of the Advanced Speaking Course in TCFL

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DOI: 10.23977/icpem.2019.091


Jingyang Wang,Yang Zhou

Corresponding Author

Jingyang Wang


The questioning is a kind of teaching method for teachers to achieve the teaching goal. It is based on the teaching content, purpose and requirements. Questioning is an important part of the entire teaching activity. However, most of the research on questioning in oral Chinese teaching focuses on the primary oral Chinese. The goal of advanced oral Chinese teaching is to enable students to have a higher level of communication skills. And they can express their feelings accurately in Chinese and to have Chinese way of thinking. Therefore, the questioning in the advanced stage of oral Chinese teaching should improve the ability of the expression and stimulate students' interest in learning. In the current advanced oral Chinese class, the number of questions is small. The questioning is lack of communication and effectiveness. Teachers’ feedback lacks guidance. The questioning must increase the opportunities for students to express themselves freely. Teachers should choose communicative topics and control the questioning mode. They should give real and effective feedback and rethink the questions after class.


Advanced Speaking Course, Questioning, TCFL

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