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Research on Lexical Semantic Clustering Teaching in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

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DOI: 10.23977/icpem.2019.094


Jiyan Liu, Fang Han, Ruyu Yan

Corresponding Author

Jiyan Liu


Lexical semantic cluster is the minimal combination of the form and meaning that implements certain grammar and textual functions, which is composed of multiple words and can be used independently to form sentences or discourses. The teaching method centered on semantic clustering is a new teaching mode, which memorizes in units of lexical semantics cluster, rather than the strategy of memorizing single words in the past. This kind of teaching method combines the characteristics of Structural Teaching Approach and Communicative Language Teaching Approach, especially showing its unique advantages in oral teaching. The Lexical Semantic Clustering Approach should follow the principles of focusing on vocabulary teaching, recognizing the lexical semantic aggregation and allowing the generation of errors.


Lexical semantic cluster, Chinese teaching, principle

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