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Vending Machine Based on Optical Flow Method

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DOI: 10.23977/amce.2019.002


Xingxing Li, Chao Duan, Yan Zhi, Panpan Yin

Corresponding Author

Xingxing Li


Moving target tracking plays a vital role in vending machines. This paper proposes a method of applying the optical flow method to a vending machine, which can detect and extract the corner features of moving objects and identify objects that track motion. Firstly, the image features in the video stream are extracted by Shi-Tomasi corner detection, and then the detected corner features are input to the Kanade-Lucas-Tomasi (KLT) algorithm to estimate the positional relationship of the feature points in the adjacent two frames. Finally, the method can determine the moving trajectory of the object according to the positional relationship, thereby determining whether there is a moving object in the vending machine, and providing the information to the upper computer for automatic judgment.


Moving target tracking, Shi-Tomasi corner detection, Kanade-Lucas-Tomasi (KLT), Vending machine

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