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Research on rational utilization of ticket selling and checking facilities in rail transit stations

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DOI: 10.23977/amce.2019.007


Bo Pang, Xian Sun, and Tingyue Zheng

Corresponding Author

Bo Pang


For a long time, there have been problems such as unreasonable allocation and unbalanced use of ticket selling and checking facilities in the station. Therefore, combined with the research results, this paper summarizes the layout of ticket selling and checking facilities and the passenger traffic characteristics and arrival rules of urban rail transit are exposed. In addition, the queuing theory and discrete event simulation method are applied to establish the evaluation index system of the queuing system and configurate quantity of automatic ticket checking machine. With the help of AnyLogic simulation software, the queuing system is further simulated and evaluated with micro examples, and the layout optimization of brake is discussed from the perspective of economic configuration and balanced use.


Rail transit, facilities, layout optimization

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