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Coupled Vibration Simulation of High-Speed Maglev Vehicle-Track Beam

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DOI: 10.23977/amce.2019.013


Fujie Jiang, Xiangdong Sun, Heming Yuan, Bo Wang, Dongzhou Wang, Jingyu Huang, Weinan Xu, and Zhewei Wu

Corresponding Author

Jingyu Huang


In the high-speed maglev transportation system, the fast running of vehicles requires high dynamic performance of the system, so it is necessary to study the dynamic coupling vibration of the high-speed maglev train-track system in depth. Based on TR08 vehicle and 24.768m pre-stressed concrete track beam of Shanghai Maglev Demonstration Line, a multi-degree-of-freedom complex vehicle-elastic track beam model is established, and its dynamic simulation and numerical simulation are carried out. The vibration acceleration response time history of vehicle body and the vibration displacement and acceleration response time history of track beam span are obtained respectively. Then the ride comfort and dynamic response of track beam are analyzed and summarized, which can provide reference for further optimization of the structure of train-rail system.


High Speed Maglev Transport System, Vibration displacement, Driving Comfort Hedongli response

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