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Research on Mathematical Derivative Knowledge in Physical Extreme Value Problem

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DOI: 10.23977/amce.2019.017


Yahan Xing

Corresponding Author

Yahan Xing


In the analysis of physical test questions, it is generally necessary to study the problems of increase, decrease, instantaneous and extreme values of physical quantities, but they cannot be solved smoothly according to elementary mathematics such as inequalities, quadratic functions and graphical analysis. At present, the knowledge of derivative is added to the content of mathematics teaching in the third year of high school, and this knowledge point has become a must-test point for the college entrance examination. In the high school physics review stage, the mathematical derivative knowledge can be used to solve the above problems. On the one hand, the derivative knowledge can be deepened and consolidated, and the physical problem-solving ideas can be broadened. The application of derivatives to the solution of physical extremum problems can help high school students develop divergent thinking and innovative consciousness, and develop students' ability to apply mathematical knowledge to solve physical problems. To this end, the paper combines several examples to analyze the application of derivatives in the solution of physical extremum problems, giving students some enlightenment.


Derivative, High school physics, Extreme value problem, Application

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