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Finite Element Analysis of Waste Fiber Recycled Concrete Slab

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DOI: 10.23977/amce.2019.022


Jinghai Zhou, Dongye Lin, Li Zhao, Junwen Lu

Corresponding Author

Jinghai Zhou


To study the mechanical properties of waste fiber recycled concrete slabs, four pieces of the specimens were designed and simulated by the finite element analysis software. The design variables were the replacement ratio of recycled aggregates and the volume of waste fibers. The static load tests were simulated under uniform load. We loaded the waste fiber recycled concrete slabs. Then the mid-span deflection of the specimens and steels strain were compared and analyzed. The test results show that the addition of recycled aggregate reduces the loading capacities of the specimens, but the addition of waste fibers can not only effectively improve the mechanical properties of recycled concrete slabs, but also make the concretes and steels produce better-coordinated deformation. And it can also improve the bonding between them. When the volume of waste fibers is 0.12%, the loading capacity of concrete slabs is the best.


waste fiber, recycled concrete slab, finite element, loading capacity

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