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Real-time bus information service system based on Internet of things

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DOI: 10.23977/amce.2019.027


Kai Li, Yunlong Li, Xingbo Yang, and Junhao Zhang

Corresponding Author

Kai Li


At present, there is no bus real-time information prompt system with relatively mature technology in the transportation service system. According to the features of less information prompt and single function at the bus station, this paper proposes a new bus information service system based on the insufficiency of research on bus crowding degree technology and the Internet of things technology. Using infrared ray detection technology to collect data on the bus, the bus signal logic analysis of the real number, then each stop the car can also take the number seats, in the end analysis platform to upload information records and statistics, analysis the bus situation information, such as using the GPRS wireless transmission technology in bus station waiting passengers display shows the information for reference. When the bus is about to enter the station, the RFID identification technology is used to read the vehicle information, and the congestion situation and ride advice are broadcast to the passenger voice, so that people can choose more comfortable and convenient ways to travel.


Internet of things, the bus, car crowded, infrared ray detection technology, RFID identification technology

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