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Research on Improved Deviation Coupling AGV Multi-motor Coordinated Drive Control Based on PSO-Fuzzy

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DOI: 10.23977/amce.2019.028


Yandong Hu, Zhengnai Sun, and Hanlu Zhou

Corresponding Author

Yandong Hu


AGV is a rapidly developing emerging product that can automatically move along the specified path to complete certain tasks. In this paper, the multi-motor drive control technology of AGV has been studied in-depth, and an improved deviation coupling control method has been proposed, as a result, the original fixed compensation coefficient has been changed adjustable in real time as per the motor’s state. An intelligent control algorithm combining particle swarm optimization (PSO) and fuzzy control has been applied for the compensation coefficient. Through modeling simulation, it has been verified that when the drive system of AGV was unstable, the control algorithm can adjust the output of each motor in real time to improve the system stability.


AGV, Multi-motor Control, Improved Deviation Coupling

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