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CT System Parameter Calibration and Imaging Research

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DOI: 10.23977/amce.2019.042


Yixin Zhang, Jianhua Lu, Shihan Chen, Han Cheng, and Jingyi Huang

Corresponding Author

Yixin Zhang


Computed tomography uses an X-ray or electron beam together with a highly sensitive detector to scan a section of the human body one after another, acquiring patient tomographic projection data and reconstructing the image using a computer. The topic takes the launch-receive model of parallel beam launch as the background, and discusses the basic working parameters of CT instrument, CT image reconstruction, and the absorption rate of the medium which is measured. Therefore, we use the method of analytic geometry and algebra to obtain the rotation center of the CT machine, the interval and the rotation angle of unit receiving (transmitting) device, fully exploiting the given data, and further utilizing the Radon transform and its inverse transform, the dimensionality reduction of the matrix and the method of fitting, mirroring of data to use the existing data to restore the original model and adjust the direction so that it conforms to the known relative position given in the question and obtains the basic information of the two unknown figures. Finally, on the premise of improving accuracy and stability, we optimize this model and propose a model that is closer to the actual operation that is, using Sector beam to make it more realistic.


CT imaging, Radon transform, Mirroring, Filtered back projection

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