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Sitting Posture Recognition System-Supervise Dentist to Maintain a Neutral Body Posture

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DOI: 10.23977/amce.2019.043


Yanan Wang, Maisheng Luo, and Zhe Luo

Corresponding Author

Zhe Luo


As the professional Nature of the dentist, uncomfortable sitting posture will increase the risk of suffering from shoulder-neck disease. For a healthy and productive career, the dentist suggested to maintain a neutral, balanced seated posture. Therefore, an intelligent system to supervision dentist to keep suitable sitting posture is urgent needed. This article presents a real time dynamic sitting posture recognition system researched and developed for dentist to maintain a neutral body posture (NBP). The system uses RGB-D camera to capture and calculate the 3D coordinates of markers paste on the coat. With the 3D coordinates, the back, neck and arm posture can be characterization with the angles between back, neck and arm with long axis of the body. So, the system can recognize sitting posture accurately without any wearable sensor. The system has been successfully tested with many people under varying light conditions. The experiment results show that the angle error of the system introduced in this paper is less than 5 degrees.


posture recognition, neutral body posture, dentist`s sitting posture

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