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Research on the relationship between organizational commitment and job performance: take manufacturing enterprise A as an example

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DOI: 10.23977/fmess.2019.010


Ting Wang, Lingyan He

Corresponding Author

Lingyan He


Financial indicators are indicators that. Since the 1980s, as it is an important factor affecting employees' job performance, organizational commitment has been a hot research topic in the field of organizational behavior, playing an important role in the development of enterprises. This paper takes company A as an example to explore the relationship between organizational commitment and job performance on the premise of clarifying the current situation of employees' organizational commitment. The study found that the analysis of employees' organizational commitment on job performance is beneficial to understand the current status of organizational commitment of employees, enhance the organizational commitment of employees, form good organization-employee’s relationship, to create a good environment for human resource management, which has important significance to the development of enterprise.


Manufacturing enterprise, Human Resources Management, organizational commitment, task performance, contextual performance

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