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The TREA Model of Tourist Behavior in Ecological Tourist Attraction: A Case Study of Zhejiang Tianmushan National Nature Reserve

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DOI: 10.23977/fmess.2019.011


Quansheng Fu, Ruimin Hu

Corresponding Author

Quansheng Fu


Based on the TRA (Theory of Reasoned Action), the paper investigated Tianmushan tourist attraction by introducing a new ‘environment-induced’ factor to form a new model—TREA, which attempts to explore factors influencing tourists' behavior, and expects to weaken the influence that tourist behavior on ecological tourist attraction by researching tourist behavior and developing intervention strategies proactively. The empirical study of this paper adopts the method of questionnaire and uses a case of ‘touching trees’ behavior in Tianmushan tourist attraction. AMOS8.0 software are applied to conduct structural equation analysis, and drew the following conclusions: The original TRA and modified TERA are all valid; Environmental induction has the greatest influence on tourist behavior, followed by individual attitude. Subjective norms play the weakest role among the factors; This paper proposed persuasion strategies based on individual beliefs and cognitive change, guide policies based on social norms, and induction strategies based on social environment.


Tourists’ behavior, TREA model, ecological tourist attraction

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