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Research and Exploration of College English Teaching Based on Cloud Platform

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DOI: 10.23977/fmess.2019.019


Aihong Yuan

Corresponding Author

Aihong Yuan


As an emerging computing model, cloud computing can greatly reduce the investment and operating costs of colleges and universities and promote the construction of information-based teaching platforms. The teaching cloud platform makes classroom teaching and management more intelligent. It can cultivate students' independent learning ability and cooperation ability, so that students can develop in a comprehensive way. English class connotation teaching can help students to learn how to behave, improve their English culture awareness and develop positive emotional attitudes while learning English. The internal English teaching platform and the construction of network resources are the indispensable support for college English teaching. The construction of the university English cloud platform based on network resources and case teaching can realize the construction of teaching materials, the separate construction of resource modules, the cooperation of teachers and the construction of teachers and students, the full play of the role of foreign teachers and the resources of inter-school joint construction.


Cloud platform, Network resource teaching, Case resource accumulation, Construction path

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