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Analysis of the Impact of Enterprise Digital Transformation on a Business Model

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DOI: 10.23977/fmess.2019.024


Hao Yu, Suwei Liu and Xinqian Huang

Corresponding Author

Hao Yu


The digital transformation of enterprises optimizes their operation process, makes their marketing process tend to be precise and their production process smart, and greatly improves their competitiveness. On the other hand, it allows enterprises to enter a new environment of high-speed development of information and data drive. Digital transformation is the trend of enterprise development in the future. Exploring effective business models has become a hot issue in the field of enterprise digital transformation. In this environment, if enterprises want to adapt to new digital business models, they need to change the original value chain, and adapt and create a new business model with ecological partners. At present, most enterprises are attempting to innovate and explore the business model of enterprise digital transformation, but are restricted by many factors. Hence, they have not formed a clear and complete business model. In this context, the present study investigates three new business models in the future: the new model of a platform economy, the new model of a shared economy, and the upgraded model of digitalization plus product. In addition, the application of digital technology in these new business models and the future development direction of these new business models were analyzed.


Business model, Platform economy, Shared economy, Digitalization product

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