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Comparison of Two University Scientific Research Performance Evaluation Models Based On DEA Method

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DOI: 10.23977/fmess.2019.025


Fei Bian

Corresponding Author

Fei Bian


In this study, the input and output data of scientific research in 64 universities directly under the ministry of education in China in 2017 were selected as research samples, the DEA method was applied to the evaluation of scientific research performance of universities, and the cross efficiency model of DEA and CCR model of traditional DEA method were used to evaluate the scientific research performance of the sample universities. Through comparative analysis, it is concluded that the DEA cross-efficiency model successfully overcomes the problem that the traditional CCR model can only be self-evaluated and has too many effective units; the scientific research performance of different universities is quite different, and the research performance of some universities is relatively low, and fail to make effective use of educational resources.


DEA, university research performance, evaluation model

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