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Research on the Comprehensive Value Evaluation of Power Grid Enterprises' Overseas Investment Projects

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DOI: 10.23977/fmess.2019.028


Yang Xu, Guowei Gao, Li Ma and Xinxin Feng

Corresponding Author

Yang Xu


China’s power grid enterprises’ overseas investment scale have expanded rapidly in recent years, and the international competitiveness has rapidly increased. The expansion of overseas assets and the increasingly complex external environment situation have put forward higher requirements for power grid enterprises in overseas project selection and value assessment. Power grid enterprises need to systematize and quantify the evaluation method of overseas investment project value, and not only evaluate the project economic value, but also consider the comprehensive value. This paper decomposes and evaluates the comprehensive value of power grid enterprises’ overseas investment projects, and puts forward the evaluation index system.


Comprehensive value evaluation, dominant value, recessive value

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