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Research on Price Formation of International Business Negotiation Based On Game Theory

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DOI: 10.23977/fmess.2019.030


Yanjun He

Corresponding Author

Yanjun He


The paper starts with the price negotiation part of international business negotiation and uses game theory to analyze the process of international business negotiation. The article will analyze the game nature of the international business negotiation process, and based on this, the game model of the international business negotiation process. Utilizing Rubin Stein's rotating bidding model to analyze the game solution of the benefit sharing "1" and the expected price, and using the utility theory to obtain the possible solution points of the international commercial price negotiation under the condition of payment. Finally, through the analysis of the game solution of international business negotiations, the paper discusses the effective strategies and suggestions that the negotiating parties should take in order to obtain more benefits in the process of international business negotiation.


Business negotiation, Game theory, Price formation, Strategy

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