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"De-Embedding" Effect and "Re-Embedding" Path of Service Organizations of Youth Community

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DOI: 10.23977/fmess.2019.031


Jiajun He, Juncheng Jiang, Xianyou Chen, Bing Feng, Jie Liu

Corresponding Author

Juncheng Jiang


Along with the transition of the economic transformation, social change and family functions, adolescent's body and mind was facing huge impact, whose values education, mental health problems such as increasingly prominent However, the service of youth community functions was lack of a clear, light guide society heavy political demands, light heavy community service function from the actual needs. The article introduced the theory of embedded taking China as an example and constructed a model of embedded ideal the service organizations of youth community, in-depth analysis from the perspective of embedded teenagers "embedded" off problems of community service organizations, pointing out that the service of youth community "administrative standard leads to embed" community standard "goal, to produce services" to take off the embedded "effect in hope of teenagers required as the breakthrough point, taking the service of youth community organization regression" embedded "mode, so as to optimize the service of youth community organization development path and improve the service of youth community supply way, strengthen the social governance and innovation.


Service Organization of Youth Community,"De-embedding"Effect, Re- embed

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