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Education Reform and Practice of Public English Teaching in Higher Vocational Education under STEAM

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DOI: 10.23977/fmess.2019.032


Huiping Hu, Suxi Wang

Corresponding Author

Huiping Hu


The public English teaching of vocational colleges plays an essential role in both language-tool using and cross-culture communication. Therefore, the author concentrated on the reform in public English teaching to meet the high standard of vocational education. The thesis took a communicating interaction period as an example to combine STEAM into an oral English class. Environmental protection will easily arouse students’ interest to participate in the activity. Exactly speaking, the whole class is processed in human-centered design of novel engineering steps. They are namely to empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test. Using the story of Noah’s Ark to lead in, the author made efforts to explore new way for students to come up with ideas to protect the environment. (1) It’s to empathize the feelings of characters in Noah’s Ark; (2)It’s to define the exact problems for characters, such as Noah and animals in the ark; (3)It’s to find ideas to solve the problems; (4)It’s to draw and build the solution; (5)It’s to test the solution is available or not; Finally, it proved students are creative, active, and efficient to brainstorm ideas to help characters in Noah’s Ark. Meanwhile, students have appreciated the importance of making the earth a green planet.


English teaching, education reform, STEAM

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