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Construction of English Teaching System Based On Fusion Thinking and Cultural Perception

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DOI: 10.23977/fmess.2019.033


Liping Kang

Corresponding Author

Liping Kang


In English teaching, “native language” is the objective basis for the students' language acquisition. As the first language and dominant language of the students, the native language context can effectively construct the reference frame of the language learners in bilingual or multi-language environment, but the native language context also plays a certain role in the English teaching, which is easy for students. Forming a bad habit of "replacement" of language, inducing students' cognitive impairment in English. However, this is not a question of the mother tongue itself, but rather a misuse of the native language context. With the correct participation of mother tongue thinking, building an ecological English classroom can effectively improve the effectiveness of English teaching.


Integrated thinking, Cultural perception, English teaching, System construction

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