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A Review of Emotional Labor

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DOI: 10.23977/fmess.2019.035


Xinyu Zhang

Corresponding Author

Xinyu Zhang


Emotional labor refers to the process in which employees manage their emotions and expressions for the purpose of organizational goals. Most of the research on emotional labor is in the service industry, education and other industries. Through the research in recent years, emotional labor is extended to the organizational context, which is used as a variable to explore its impact on employee performance, employee physical and mental health and other aspects. Moreover, most studies on emotional labor are limited to its negative effects, and there are still few studies on whether it has positive effects, which also need to be explored and studied in various aspects in the future. Given for later, introduced the concept of emotional labor, domestic related research is less, this article mainly through related literature at home and abroad, to comb the literature and analysis, summarizes the concept, dimension of emotional labor, emotion regulation strategies, influence factors and the relationship between the relevant variables, finally according to the current situation of the development of emotional labor research and overall grasp of the current situation of its later, for its future research direction of a positive outlook.


Emotional labor, Dimension, Emotion regulation strategies, Job performance, Prospects of future study

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