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Application of a New Multi-functional Rope Rescue Training Tower in Fire Rope Rescue Training

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DOI: 10.23977/fmess.2019.037


Jiangping Liu, Chuansong Wu

Corresponding Author

Jiangping Liu


At present, the high-altitude rope training tower in the Chinese fire protection industry is relatively backward. It is mostly built before 2010. It has a single function, limited training, and lacks a comprehensive training venue. This tower is designed to achieve multifunctional simulated rope rescue training. In this design, the fire training tower can be divided into a fire extinguishing technology training area and a rope rescue technology area. Design realization function: Rope Rescue(DRT) technical training; Rescue training of shaft and shaft; Climbing training in corners and water pipes; Ladder, hook ladder training; Training in rope making and anchor making; Crash rescue training in tunnels and narrow spaces; Tower hanging, helicopter hanging down rope rescue training; Slope rope rescue training; Rescue training for crossing ropes; Leaning up the cable rescue training; Window up, down and inwards rope rescue training; Drop rope technology; Rock climbing training.


Fire protection, Rope rescue training, multifunctional

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