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Study on Reform of Application-oriented Business English Teaching System in the Context of "Internet+"

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DOI: 10.23977/fmess.2019.038


Guo Qin

Corresponding Author

Guo Qin


There are some problems in the teaching of Business English major in undergraduate colleges, such as lags behind in running school idea, unclear target of talent training and imperfect setting and so on. According to the characteristics of talent training and the requirements of the society for business talents, schools should set up courses, teaching materials, teaching staff, teaching methods, and so on. Carry out innovative reforms in training bases, use English to communicate and communicate with business personnel in the business environment, so as to enable students to achieve the English language skills, business knowledge structure and business operation skills required by the society during their study. The teaching mode of "student-centered, based on language training and theoretical learning, emphasizing practical operation" is constructed. This paper introduces Internet information technology into English teaching, taking cultivating students' hands-on ability as the core, strengthening the cultivation of students' English communicative competence in the process of cultivating talents, and paying attention to the study and training of students' business knowledge and business skills. To construct the application-oriented business English teaching system under the background of Internet. The results of empirical analysis show that the optimized three-dimensional business English teaching system can improve the quality of business English teaching.


Applied undergraduate colleges, Business English majors, teaching reform

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