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Research on the Construction and Strategic Management of the Competence System of Large State-owned Enterprises

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DOI: 10.23977/fmess.2019.046


Jianlin Lv

Corresponding Author

Jianlin Lv


In order to survive and develop for a long time in the fierce market competition, enterprise strategy is the overall situation for the purpose and mission of enterprise development, the field of enterprise operation and development objectives, and the safeguard measures to achieve the development goals. Large state-owned enterprise groups attach great importance to the development of production technology, but pay insufficient attention to strategic management. Therefore, we should strengthen the theoretical research of strategic management and put it into practice. In view of the macroscopical nature and importance of strategic management, it is possible to set up a strategic management organization at the company headquarters under the main leadership of the enterprise, so as to promote the smooth implementation of strategic management. The management capability system is a comprehensive analysis of the management of the production and management activities and the results achieved by the enterprise in a certain period of time. It is an internal management mechanism for the enterprise to control itself and achieve the goal management, and is the innovation of the enterprise management system. Implementing various innovations and improvements guided by system construction and operation is very important to improve the effectiveness of innovation and improve the overall operational management level of the enterprise.


Large State-owned Enterprises, Management Capability System, Strategic Management

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