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Research on Traditional Culture Infiltration and Expression in Visual Communication Design

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DOI: 10.23977/fmess.2019.048


Shanshan Gong

Corresponding Author

Shanshan Gong


The Chinese nationalization graphic contains the long history of the Chinese nation and contains many factors such as religion, philosophy, aesthetics, literature, customs and etiquette. After a long period of baptism, these patterns with Chinese charm still present a strong vitality. It can be seen that it’s full cultural value. Based on the nationalization graphics, the research content is mainly reflected in the following aspects: firstly, the development of modern visual design and its meaning; then the analysis of the category of Chinese nationalization graphics, using the methods of inheritance, reconstruction, reference, etc. On the basis of international graphics, explore the penetration and transformation of Chinese nationalization graphics in modern visual design; try different degrees to make it both Chinese and international. Finally, they combine their relationships, analyze their future development trends and impacts, and match the elements of the Chinese style with the Western forms of formation, presenting visual new ideas and impacts. The paper makes some contributions to the exploration of design on the road of nationalization.


Visual communication design, Traditional Chinese culture, Philosophical aesthetics, Cultural history

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