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Research on the Innovative Application of Digital Media Art Based on Virtual Technology in Animation Design

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DOI: 10.23977/fmess.2019.050


Xinran Tai

Corresponding Author

Xinran Tai


The application of virtual technology (VR, AR) in the field of digital media has effectively promoted the innovative development of digital media art creation forms, and achieved the improvement of innovation level and efficiency. Therefore, based on the concepts related to virtual technology and digital media art, theoretical and practical analysis has important practical significance for promoting the application level of virtual technology and promoting digital media art innovation. As a branch of digital media art design, animation design has become an important research market and field in the IT industry. With the gradual maturity of virtual technology, it has become an inevitable development trend in the animation interaction behavior. This paper starts from the current high-tech, analyzes the technical support based on future technology, discusses the possibility of the concept design of the animation character introduction method, and studies the development trend of the future animation character concept design.


Virtual technology, Digital media art, Animation design

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