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Research on Course Arrangement System of Private Colleges Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm

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DOI: 10.23977/fmess.2019.051


Linwei Huang, Yingli Wang

Corresponding Author

Yingli Wang


Based on the original genetic algorithm, this paper adopts the innovative initial population construction method and the optimized population evolution strategy, combined with the corresponding coding, and proposes a college scheduling program suitable for dealing with multiple constraints. In this course arrangement method, a lot of optimizations are made for the shortcomings of the genetic algorithm itself, the initial population is strengthened, the speed of the course result is accelerated, and the evaluation method of the near optimal solution is optimized. By applying the genetic algorithm of the variant to the specific scheduling tasks of colleges and universities, the results are tested and evaluated, and the superiority of the method compared with the traditional genetic algorithm is verified.


Scheduling, Optimization, Improved genetic algorithm

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