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Analysis of Influencing Factors of Ecological Taxation Based on Eviews Model

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DOI: 10.23977/fmess.2019.057


Yizhe Sun

Corresponding Author

Yizhe Sun


With the progress of science and technology, environmental protection has become more and more important. Ecological taxation can not only improve the overall income of the country, but also achieve the effect of ecological environment protection. In order to analyze the influencing factors of ecological tax, aiming at the phenomenon that the growth rate of ecological tax in Chongqing is faster than the economic growth, this paper adopts the empirical analysis method to sort out and analyze the tax revenue and economic growth data of Chongqing. Then the Granger causality test is carried out and a simple economic model is constructed to study the correlation between tax revenue and economic growth in Chongqing. Finally, the results of empirical analysis show that ecological tax revenue is closely related to environmental management and economic growth.


Influencing Factors, Ecological Taxation, Eviews Model

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