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Research on Market Economy Development Based on Financial Mathematics

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DOI: 10.23977/fmess.2019.065


Tao Cheng, Jincheng Mao, Ziling Ma

Corresponding Author

Tao Cheng


Financial markets refer to financial securities markets such as bonds, funds, stocks, futures and options. Modern financial theory refers to the results of the theoretical application of financial mathematics to study the prevention and control of financial risks, the operation of capital markets, the structure and pricing of capital assets in financial economics. Financial mathematics refers to the analysis of probability and statistics and functional analysis. Based on the mathematical theory of stochastic analysis and theory, experts pointed out that statistics, economic theory and mathematics are all necessary to truly understand the quantitative relationship in modern economic life. Mathematics to the economic community Bringing new perspectives, new ideas, and abstract mathematical tools are very practical and valuable once they are accurately cut into the financial market.This paper establishes the relationship between financial mathematics and the real economy, studies financial data correlation, and uses mathematics knowledge to solve many practical problems in financial analysis. It has far-reaching significance in China's rapidly developing market economy era.


Financial mathematics, Market economy, Data association analysis

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