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Research and Development of Family Investment and Financial Management System

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DOI: 10.23977/fmess.2019.070


Mingzhe Guo

Corresponding Author

Mingzhe Guo


At present, the savings deposits of Chinese residents have exceeded RMB 10 trillion. Especially in developed cities such as Shanghai and Shenzhen, the disposable income of residents is gradually reaching the level of moderately developed countries. Many residents have a large number of financial assets besides buying houses and buying cars. Therefore, how to allocate and manage financial assets is the biggest demand of residents. This paper researches and designs a family investment management system, which is written in HTML language. The ASP is connected with the back-end MSSQL database to realize the functions of account management, asset management, debt management and system management.


Financial Management System, ASP Program, MSSQL Database

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