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Research on Computer Network Financial Risks and Preventive Measures in the New Period

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DOI: 10.23977/fmess.2019.071


Zongshen Zhang, Hanliying Xu and Juliao Qiu

Corresponding Author

Zongshen Zhang


The development of e-commerce has had a tremendous impact on the political, economic and cultural fields of the whole society. Under the impact of this trend, the financial industry is also facing unprecedented development opportunities and new challenges.As a virtual working environment of a physical bank, online banking, like online shopping, not only has the same risks as in reality, but once there is a problem after the transaction, there will be many differences and it is difficult to investigate.At present, the state is not perfect in terms of technical measures and legislative guarantees in these areas. Therefore, its existing problems are becoming more and more obvious. The most important one is the security risks of online banking. It is necessary to accurately grasp the various aspects that affect the safe operation of online finance. Inducing factors, taking effective measures, plugging loopholes, continuously strengthening and improving the security performance of network financial operations, and enhancing their security are the top priorities for promoting the healthy development of online finance.Through the investigation and analysis of online banking and online financial security, this paper enumerates the network financial security problems faced by China's online banking system and the degree of networkization of Chinese financial institutions and their existing problems.Through the computer professional network security precautions and the corresponding national laws and regulations, the security precautions of the bank computer network system and the countermeasures to ensure China's financial security in the network era are clarified.


Online Banking, Financial Risk, Online Finance, Preventive Measures

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