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Research on the Transformation Path of China's New Normal Economic Development Mode in the Age of Big Data

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DOI: 10.23977/fmess.2019.073


Haichen Guo, Qichen Gao and Ziheng Ni

Corresponding Author

Haichen Guo


In the era of Internet economy, many new business models and commercial phenomena have emerged.The rapid development of the network has led to the rapid development of personal browsing behavior, search behavior, online transactions, social interaction, and huge amounts of data are stored on the Internet, bringing new business opportunities.Compared with the traditional small data era, the data of this era has shown an exponential growth in volume. Digital technology, as well as information and intelligence, have become the main driving force for economic growth.Under the development trend of big data, the traditional economic growth mode no longer meets the requirements of modern society.Therefore, based on the background of big data, this paper explores the challenges and opportunities facing China's new normal economic growth in the era of big data, and studies the path and policy transformation of China's new normal economic growth in the era of big data from the reality of China's new economic growth.


Big Data, Internet, Economic Growth, Transformation Path

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