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Research on the Development Dilemma and Breakthrough Path of China's Rural Think Tank Construction

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DOI: 10.23977/fmess.2019.074


Xiaona Li, Daozhi Wang

Corresponding Author

Xiaona Li


As a national soft power, think tanks have developed into the “fifth force” after legislation, administration, justice and media. This article is based on the background of China's entry into the era of think tank construction, aiming at the "short board" link in the construction of think tanks in China - the construction of rural think tanks, based on the analysis of multiple cases, from the discussion of the significance and necessity of rural think tank construction for rural governance Departure, analyze the development dilemma faced by China's rural think tank construction at the present stage, and propose a targeted breakthrough path to promote the process of building a new type of rural think tank in China, so as to better play the role of think tank and respond to the country's ability to achieve governance and governance. This paper makes suggestions for the needs of modernization, and promote the realization of the "Village Revitalization Strategy" better and faster.


Rural Governance, New Rural Think Tank Construction, Rural Revitalization

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