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Research on the Model of "Effects of Land Use Projects on Ecosystem Services"

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DOI: 10.23977/ERMSS.2019.067


Haowen Jing, Rui Yang

Corresponding Author

Haowen Jing


In order to account for the cost-benefit ratio of environmental costs to the land use projects, we establish an ecosystem services assessment model to predict the final environmental governance costs based on the pollution level of existing projects. According to the principal component analysis method, four indicators with the weakest correlation and the largest weight were selected as the measuring tools of environmental pollution degree and then the regression relationship between environmental governance cost and each index were bulit. To further eliminate the correlation between indicator variables, we used principal component regression analysis method. After obtaining the regression equation, test, F test, and T test were performed successively and the model is proved to be feasible. Finally, we use the grey prediction method to predict the coefficients of the regression model to make the model more applicable.


Land use projects; ecosystem services; ecosystem assessment model

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